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Workshop-3. CEV: Computer Architectures, Embedded  Systems and VLSI/EDA of National Computer Symposium, nominated as Best Paper, 2011。








名列亞洲名人錄 Marquis Who'sWho in Asia2007 and/or later editions。


名列世界工程科學名人錄 Marquis Who'sWho in Science and Engineering2007 and/or later editions。


名列世界名人錄 Marquis Who'sWho in the World,2006 and/or later editions。






IC3 國際計算機綜合能力評量競賽優良指導教師,2005








龍騰論文優等獎 (Long-Term Distinguished Paper Award, Acer Foundation)2003


斐陶斐學會 (The Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society) 榮譽會員,2002


Academic Activities

Journal of Supercomputing, Reviewer, 2020, 2021。
Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing, Reviewer, 2019, 2020。
Recent Patents on Computer Science, Reviewer, 2019。
Applied Sciences, Reviewer, 2019。

Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, Reviewer, 2018。

Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering,  Editor and Reviewer, 2018, 2020

International Conference for Top and Emerging Computer Scientists (IC-TECS 2017), co-organizers, 2017。

International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications, Reviewer, 2017, 2018。

IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, Reviewer, 2017。

IEEE Access, Reviewer, 2017。

IET Circuits, Devices & Systems, Reviewer, 2004, 2017, 2020。

Journal of Intelligent Systems,  Reviewer, 2016

International Journal of Computer and Software Engineering,  Editor, 2016

Electronics Letters,  Reviewer, 2016

Electronics,  Reviewer, 2016, 2019, 2021。

ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems, Reviewer, 2016。

International Journal of Remote Sensing,  Reviewer, 2015

The Computer Journal, Reviewer, 2014

International Journal of Electronics, Reviewer, 2014~2020。

International Journal of Electronics Letters, Reviewer, 2014~2016

Electric Power Components and Systems, Reviewer, 2014

Remote Sensing, Reviewer, 2014

Journal Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing, Reviewer, 2014~2015, 2018~2020。

IET Computers and Digital Techniques, Reviewer, 2014, 2017。

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Reviewer, 2013。

Journal of Internet Technology, Reviewer, 2013

IET Network, Reviewer, 2013

IEEE Transactions Circuits and Systems II (TCASII), Reviewer, 2004, 2012, 2014, 2015。

Journal of Electronic Imaging, Reviewer, 2012, 2014。

Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, Reviewer, 2012。

International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing (IJAHUC), Reviewer, 2012。

IET Computer Vision, Reviewer, 2011, 2014。

Computers & Electrical Engineering, Reviewer, 2011~2012

Journal of Signal Processing Systems, Reviewer, 2011~2012。

Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering, Reviewer, 2011。

Journal of Scientific and Technological Studies, Reviewer, 2011, 2013。

IET Communications, Reviewer, 2011~2012。

Optical Engineering (OE), Reviewer, 2011。

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices (TED), Reviewer, 2010~2011

IET Wireless Sensor Systems,  Reviewer, 2010~2011。

Journal of Engineering Design, Reviewer, 2006~2007, 2011。

International Journal of Communication Systems, Reviewer, 2008~2014。

Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, Reviewer, 2010。

IET Image Processing, Reviewer, 2008~2012。

International Journal of Electronics, Reviewer, 2009, 2011~2015, 2017, 2019。

IEEE Signal Processing Letters, Reviewer, 2008~2009。

Signal Processing, Reviewer, 2006, 2008~2009。

Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers (JCSC), Reviewer, 2008

IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration Systems (TVLSI), Reviewer, 2008, 2014, 2015

IEEE Transactions on CAD of Integrated Circuits and Systems (TCAD), Reviewer, 2006, 2014, 2020。

International Symposium on Computer and Information Processing Technology (ISCIPT), committee member, 2019。

International Conference on Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems (MLIS 2019), Reviewer, 2019。

The 5th International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Data Mining (FSDM 2019), Reviewer, 2019。

IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems (ICECS), Reviewer, Technical Program Committee Member (TPCM), 2017。

Symposium on Digital Life Technologies  (DLT), Program Member, 2019。

Symposium on Digital Life Technologies  (DLT), Special Session Chair, Program Member, 2016。

Symposium on Digital Life Technologies  (DLT), Program Member, Reviewer, 2017。

IEEE International Symposium on Next-Generation Electronics (ISNE), Technical Committee, 2013。

International Conference on Computer Science and Electronics Engineering (ICCSE), Technical Committee, 2013。

International Workshop on Intelligent Multimedia Computing and Communications (IWIMCC), Reviewer, Program Member, 2012。

Information Technologies Applications and Management Conference (ITAMC), Reviewer, Session Chair, 2012。

National Computer Symposium, Reviewer, 2011。

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) in Tainan City Government, Review Committee Member, 2011~2012, 2015。

Secondary Physics of National Primary & High School Science Fair in Chiayi, Review Committee Member, 2019~2021。

Secondary Physics of National Primary & High School Science Fair in Tainan, Review Committee Member, 2016, 2020。

Workshop-3. CEV: Computer Architectures, Embedded  Systems and VLSI/EDA of National Computer Symposium, Committee Member, 2011。

Taiwan Academic Network Conference, Committee Member, 2010

"FPGA技術之可重置平台設計", Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Pingtung University (國立屏東大學資訊工程系), Invited Speaker, 2021/04

"Performance-Oriented Partitioning for Task Scheduling of Parallel Reconfigurable Architectures; 平行可規劃架構中效能導向的切割排程演算法", Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Providence University (靜宜大學資訊工程系),  Invited Speaker, 2013/04。

"Cloud Computing  Development and Mapping Technology; 雲端運算發展與其映成技術", Department of Information Management, I-Shou University (義守大學資訊管理學系), Invited Speaker, 2011/05

"Design of Teaching Materials by Using Information Technology; 資訊融入教學教材設計", Nei Hu Elementary School, Hsin Chu City (新竹市內湖國民小學),  Invited Speaker, 2009/03。

"Embedded System Applications and Trends; 嵌入式系統之應用與趨勢", Department of Computer Science, National Pingtung University of Education (國立屏東教育大學資訊科學系), Invited Speaker, 2008/04

"Embedded System Application Trends; 嵌入式系統之應用趨勢", Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National University of Tainan (國立台南大學資訊工程系), Invited Speaker, 2007/10

"Technology Mapping for Field Programmable Gate Array; 現場可規劃邏輯閘陣列之技術映對", Springsoft (智原科技), Invited Speaker, 2004/04


Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

National University of Tainan, Taiwan

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